Website Development in Utah

Showcase your business with a professional website!

Choose from a brilliantly designed WordPress site, or crush online sales with a WooCommerce or Shopify site! Let’s work together and create you an amazing, SEO-optimized site to showcase your business!

More Than A Basic Web Design Company

Social media is important for any type of digital presence, but it does not replace the power of a custom web design. A website is the most effective way to introduce your company to new customers and to keep existing customers coming back for information, products, and services.

Choosing the best web design company in Utah gives your business a definite advantage over the competition. At Take Point Marketing, we offer the web design experts to create customized WordPress websites, WooCommerce websites, and Shopify websites.

Beautiful, creative, and well designed for easy navigation, our websites are instrumental in growing your business. We work closely with business owners to integrate ideas and bring your vision to life.

Everything Your Customers Want and Need

Our website development services make your Utah business stand out from the crowd. We create a professional website that is visually appealing, offers the features and options your customers want, and provides a range of integrations and services to make tracking, analytics, marketing, and sales a streamlined process.

The experts at Take Point Marketing also provide a tailored approach to all our website designs. We do not use templates and cookie-cutter solutions, so your website is uniquely your own. We also use responsive web design solutions, which means your website is optimally displayed on all sizes of screens and types of devices.

When you are looking for mobile friendly web design that will attract customers and highlight your brand, turn to our team. We offer a free site analysis, or call us at 385-270-9743 for more information.


Choose the most customizable and robust platform on the web! Our modern, responsive WordPress websites are optimized for all devices and built by our graphic and web experts.

WordPress Websites
WooCommerce Websites


A WooCommerce website is a perfect solution for businesses that need a simple yet intuitive solution to showcase their products. We specialize in creating modern, responsive websites that are optimized for all devices built by our in-house graphic experts.


Create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers! Shopify sites are perfect for business owners wanted to bring their products to the digital market. We will optimize your site for all devices and create a modern and responsive website to house your products!

Shopify Websites
High-quality development

High-quality development

Will help you make a big impression. It draws your attention to your marketing, identifies your company, and reinforces your message.

Once you have this right, in the brief seconds, you have to captivate your guests you can actually meet more customers, expand your company and create immediate trust.
Grant us the green light, and we’ll be creating a respectable’ first-page-of-Google’ platform that’s both beautiful and personalized (no more templates!!). Brand-defining, clever design that looks fantastic, which draws audiences which converts them 24/7.


Our free marketing strategy, and or audit will give you the clarity you need to confidently move forward towards achieving your goals in record time.