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Veteran Owned Digital Agency


Take Point Marketing is proud to be a veteran owned marketing agency! Dave Wyant founded Take Point on the principles instilled in him as a soldier in the U.S. ARMY. Honor, commitment, reliability and completing the mission are the foundational core values that our company is built upon.

Dave also grew up on a dairy farm, where values such as integrity, work ethic, and taking care of your neighbors was a part of daily life. Combining these values and infusing them into his marketing company, Dave has created a truly unique digital agency.

One that has grass root values but applied to a digital world. You will not find another marketing agency with the integrity and transparency as Take Point Marketing. We built our business on honest relationships and working hard for our clients, and that is how it will continue.

“No matter how big or small a company is, it will always depend on relationships”. – Dave Wyant

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We support our military and proud owners of veteran owned businesses

We are proud to offer a 15% veteran discount to veteran business owners regardless of branch. It is a small token of our appreciation for what you have accomplished while serving, and to help you accomplish your goals with your business.

Regardless of your industry, we ensure we will lock n’ load until your marketing goals are met!

TPM b4Headwel - Take Point Marketing - Utah Digital Marketing Agency

Customers ♥ Our Support


We get it. You know you need digital marketing to get the exposure you need to reach your business goals, but you are on a budget. We have talked to several business owners with these same frustrations. Worry not soldier, when you partner with us, you get world-class digital marketing at an affordable price.


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